Aconomy is a plattform for distributing open source tools to collectives, cooperatives, communes, etc.

We start in times of crises with this project: We see the flight of capital and destruction of capital leads to a high rate of unemployment and so called austerity politics. On the other hand we have the growth of people, who empower themselves and use new forms of collective production and reproduction, people who occupy there company or factory and the appropriation of the means of production. We want to support the collaborative development and distribution of goods within transnational, even global projects using new platforms and technologies of planning, coordination and communication.

We want to start with developing an interface between those companies and the political solidarity movement and the public. We want you, your groups, networks and left shippings, book shops etc to get access to our interface / our platform to order and re-distribute the goods of those companies. Let's give solidartiy a material weight.

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Mail: info@aconomy.org